Mar 22, 2008

Sping has sprung!!

It was such a beautiful day today!! I so can't wait for the sun to make a lasting appearance. I was supposed to go to the Japanese Gardens over in Portland today for a photo shoot but couldn't get a sitter. I was so bummed. It's not very often that you a sunny day when the garden is in bloom. Oh well maybe some other time. It's not like the place is going anywhere! I ended up pulling over on the side of the road to get this one.

People were looking at me like I was crazy but that's nothing new.

Today we went to a friends birthday party. Owen turned 2 today! Happy birthday Owen!!! I made a card and the bad blogger that I am forgot to take a picture. I snapped a quick picture of the matching bag at the party. (bad form?)

I thought it turned out pretty good for the 5 minutes I took to make it. If I had more time I would have covered a chipboard 2 and put that on there too. The card used the same paper but had stars in matching colors on it also. Next time I will remember the picture! LOL

This last week I had a visitor by the name of Flat Cini. She has been spending time here with the family but is now on her way to the east coast. Can't wait to see who shows up next! This is Flat Cini at a crop with me. We had a great time!

This photo of Simon has a bit of a funny story. On Tuesday my mom's group had a little egg hunt play date for the kiddos. I'm basically the unofficial photographer for the group. So I had my camera out and was taking a couple of shots, when Simon notices me from across the room. He totally made a B-line for me so I would take his picture. All the other moms were like, "Wow, He knows his job!" LOL It was so funny! Such a cute kid though. How could I resist?


Samantha said...

Wow - your Scotch broom is really in bloom already! That's a sure sign Spring is here.

I love the b-day bag you made. It's really cute!!

Scrappy Girl said...

I love the "flat girls" idea. It sounds like lots of fun. I can't wait for spring either.

IamDerby said...

Very cute bag! Lovin flat Cindi... she looks like she is having a great time.

inara said...

cute bag!

noel joy said...

it's so fun seeing all of the flat gals make their rounds and what they're doing at each vacation spot. ;)

love that pic! he has the most striking eyes!

noel joy said...

oh i forgot to tell you how much i liked the bag... i thought i left a comment the other day, but obviously i blanked! lol.

jlyne said...

I love all the great pics here.I enjoyed stopping by to visit.I'll be back:)

Jamie said...

The bag is cute! I bet the card was cute too!!

joscelyne cutchens said...

Hey Girl! I didn't know you had a blog. I love your flat Kay! I say rock it out how you like, I did! and your boy is soooooooo cute! that slug story was a really really gross! blech!
Hope you're having a great day!