Apr 3, 2008

Dilemma and new visitors!!

So I have a dilemma. Years ago my family threw a 70th birthday party for my Grammie. Our friend took photos for us and I was supposed to make a scrapbook of them. Well fast forward 5 years later and I still have the photos. I did do some pages but they are really bad. Here are a couple of the not too bad ones. Never mind! I just went to upload them and realized they are all terrible! So I am thinking about stating over. Do you think I should even bother? I mean it's been almost 5 years! :sigh: I think I will but not do it in 12x12 this time. Maybe on a smaller scale I can do a better job? Okay, okay, I'll share one so you can see how bad they are

Sorry the photos are so bad. It was late when I took them. Check out the use of the deco scissors!!! LOL Too funny! So a I have new visitors this week! Flat Marcia and Flat Kim are her to see the Portland metro area. Can't wait to take them down to the tulip fields!

I sent Flat Cini off last week but no word if she got there yet? We had a pretty good time. She didn't get to do anything big but she was very helpful when it came to picking out scrapping supplies! lol

Hope you all are having a great week! The weather finally cleared for a couple of days here. The poor trees are so confused! lol I can't wait for summer weather to get here!!!

I am doing the Photo Of The Day thing but I will probably only upload once a week. I'm just not very good at this blogging thing. :rolls eyes: Sorry! ;)

That's one handsome scrubby(scapbookers hubby) right there! ;)


Marilyn said...

Kay, those pages aren't THAT bad, only outdated! If you want to start over, for a new look, that would be fun! 8 1/2 X 11 would be a good size to work with. You would still have room for more than one pic, room for embellies, and you won't have as much space to try to use up. I love that pic of Simon-so cute! I love the "scrubby" thing, I wish more people would use it, I know I try too, also, it is such a funny story as to why you use it.