Jul 9, 2009

7-8-9- 10:11:12

So like, wow! It's been a while eh? I know I said I would be better about this blogging thing but it's harder than I thought it would be. LOL I don't know how many times I have sat here and started to write and then never finish. I guess all I can do is try again!
So anyway, I'm sure those of you who are scrappers know who LizzyK is but if not, she was the winner of CK's scrapbooker of the year contest back in '08. (at least I think it was 2008) Ya so, she has this awesome blog that I love to read and she and her hub-de-dubs came up with a fun idea to have everyone take a picture of what they were doing at 7-8-9 @ 10:11:12. Ya know, since it's kind of a once in a lifetime thing.
Well I missed out taking my picture in the am but Liz said it could be in the pm no biggie. So I went ahead and did it. I got my coffee pot all set up and took my picture. (yes, I drink the full on caffeinated stuff that late at night. Don't judge.) I was all excited to be a part of something so fun only to look at the date/time stamp on my camera to find that it is WAY off!! It said 9:22 pm. Hello!?!? Not even close. I mean I can understand if it was set to Hawaii time or something but not even the minutes were right! What the...?!? Oh well! Guess folks will just have to take my word for it. :/
So with out further blathering...

Don't ya just love that coffee mug? Yup it's my fave!

Guess I should throw in some cute kiddo action. It's been so long since you've seen him you may not recognize him! lol