Feb 28, 2008

CKC is tomorrow!!!

Well technically it's later today, but either way I'm just so excited!!! This will be my fist scrapbooking convention and I'm volunteering to boot! When you do that you get $30 per shift. So I'm getting $90 in vouchers! My MIL is actually flying into town so she can watch Simon while I'm off having fun. Isn't she great! I should be packing up supplies and such but I'm so nervous I can't figure out what to take! LOL Anyway I better get to bed! Don't want to be all tired on the big day right?!? LOL

Feb 25, 2008

And we're off!!!

Well it's been two weeks since I set this thing up! I guess I should actually put something on here eh? LOL Here goes! Ummmmm okay so for a person that never shuts up, I can't think of anything to write about! Okay I'll tell you about what Simon did this week! He tried to eat a slug! That's right folks! I said a slug! I know totally gross huh? I didn't even know he had it. The weather has been really nice here and so we were outside playing in the front yard. Simon is forever picking up rocks to show me how cool they are. So when he said "Mamma yook", I assumed it was a rock. I kinda glanced over and was like "uh huh!". Then I looked over a minute later and he had something in his mouth. now this is not unusual for him. He still puts everything in his mouth! So I tell him to spit it out and he does the goes "yuck"! I start walking over to him lecturing about how "I know it's yuck and that's why we don't put things in our mouths that are on the ground". then I notice that what I thought was a rock was moving! I had to do the full hand, face and teeth scrubbing treatment after that one. Still gives me the willies. On the scrapin' front I am making headway on my cards for the Easter swap. They are turning out pretty cute! I decided to go a bit more simple after my Valentines fiasco. Just so you know hand stitching 24 cards is not easy! LOL I think that's it for now. I'll leave you with a pic of the cutest little butterball in the world!