Apr 7, 2009

Sometimes having challenges is a good thing!

Really!! All Moments Remembered has some of the best challenges around. In fact there is a whole forum with a team of gals dedicated to coming up with new challenges for us. So far I have only had the time to do three but out of those three I won 2! Pretty sweet eh? They were both color challenges.
This one we had to use Red White and Blue but not with a 4th of July theme. (I've shared this one before)

This was this weeks. We had to use Teal, Brown, White and either Moss or Celery.

I really love all the layouts I have done for these challenges. If not for the challenge though I probably would have never gotten off my duff and got them done! It's great that these two won the challenge but all in all I just feel great that I have a couple more layouts to add to my ever growing scrapbook. Yet another one of the things I love about AMR. We encourage each other to get our stories told. No matter what your scrappy style you always feel welcome at AMR! I really think ya'll should come on over and have some fun!