Apr 6, 2009

Easter Sneek Peek

Okay so if you know me at all, you know that the place you can always find me hanging out on the web is All Moments Remembered. It really is the nicest and most encouraging message board around. One of the the thing I live the most is the swapping. Cards, ATCs, stamped images... the list goes on! We have such fun doing it to. There is actually a whole forum dedicated just to swapping! Talk about awesome. The best thing is that AMR is still small enough that you 'know' everyone you are swapping with. This month Melonscraps hosted a Easter card swap. All over the net I have been seeing different ways that people have been using paint chip samples in there scrapbooks. Well I thought why not on a card?!? (Don't look if you want to be surprised girls!!) I did these in a few different colors (some are not pictured) and since I know the gals I sent them to I was able to make sure a few of them got certain colors. Whaddaya think? I love these babies! Yes, I know I shouldn't steal the chip samples! The whole time I was in Home Depot the theme to Mission Impossible was running through my head. I kept thinking that at any moment security was going to bum rush me. It was kinda stressful and I'm sure the extra grey hairs is enough punishment for my crime! We AMR gals are always looking for new people to swap with! Come on over and get registered on the message board. Just be sure to put "scrapbooking" in the profile area. Stacey works really hard to keep us safe from spammers and yucky people so it's the least we can do to help her know the good folks! Tomorrow I will tell you about the challenge area on the message board and show you a couple of winning layouts I have done!! Here's a cute kid lovin' his Not So Hot Chocolate from Dutch Bros Coffee. He calls it coffee and as soon as we pull up to the window he starts yelling, "I need ice cream on my straw... please!!". I think it's so funny that he calls the whip cream ice cream. lol I think the second photo really says it all. lol


Marilyn said...

Oh my!! Those are adorable!!! What a great idea to use the paint chips! You always blow me away with your cards! Oh yeah, the kiddo is adorable too!!! Great job on the cards, again!