Aug 5, 2008

Up to stuff

I have a few new scrappy projects to share!
This is a little mini album I did for my hubby. He has been asking for something like this for a while so I made it for his birthday on the 25th. It only took me about an hour and that was with my little 'helper'.
LO I did on Saturday. I really enjoyed making this one. It challenged me because the epoxy stickers I was trying to use just wouldn't stick. I had to figure it out since I really wanted to go with the design in my head. It ended up working out but not before I sent out a plea for help over on the All Moments Remebered message board. Gosh I love those gals!
And a cute picture just because! We went to the Clark County Fair yesterday (7 hours! Phew!) Simon was introducing himself to the ducks. He kept say "Hi! I Shimon! I two!" over and over again. I think he was dissapointed that they didn't say anything back. lol


Marilyn said...

I love that mini book! He is so adorable! You did a wonderful job on it. I missed the cry for help on AMR, but I do love how that lo came out! Again, good to see you back at work!! Only a week and a half, and we'll be croppin' together, yahoo!!!!

tigardlilly said...

What, two post in one day?! You've gone crazy!! (Just teasing) Love the projects.

inara said...

very cute projects!!! your son is so adorable too!