Aug 26, 2008

Harry Potter baby!

New layout to share. This is a layout featuring my nephew and fellow 'potter-head' Bryan. He is the coolest kid and a amazing artist to boot. Be on the lookout for his name in the comic industry in a few years!

Yes I did cut up the books dust cover but it was a extra one. This will eventually be a 2 page layout. I have the pics from the HP movie I saw with the boy too. Gosh I miss those kids! We haven't had the money to get them up here to visit this year. Totally bummed about that.

Never forget the cute kid pics!

He was playing baseball and had to get set by sticking his tongue out and squinting his eyes. LOL He's so funny!


Marilyn said...

I really like what you did with the HP layout! Even though it is an extra cover, I still think you're nuts! lol Great job on that layout!

angie worthington said...

the layout looks great!...

Marilyn said...

OMG, has it really been over a month since I was at your house croppin'? I miss you Kay, I hope everything is ok down in Cali!

I tagged you and gave you an award on my blog!

Robyn said...

Cute!! Congratulations on tonight!! You will have so much fun!!