Mar 20, 2009

Friday Fill-in

I hoping doing these things will help jump start my blogging. You can find the Friday fill-in here. I found this though Angie's blogs and I thought it sounded fun! Turns out it's harder than I thought. lol we go! 1. Why do we have to deal with yucky stuff? 2. Wii and water are now habits. 3. I have way too much to do. 4. I had never heard the phrase "Pokey Dokey!" and it cracks me up! 5. Procrastinating the way I always do. 6. How was I to know that everything would fall apart at the last minute preventing me from getting all the things done that I needed to do. 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the online crop at All Moments Remembered, tomorrow my plans include Wii with the girls and Sunday, I want to go to church. It's been way too long! I should have lots to share with you soon craft wise. There is a cpor tonight over at AMR and that always gets me going. Here a couple of recent card though: This one was for a white space challenge over at AMR. I used all SU! product. This one was also a challenge over at AMR. It was to use two pattern papers with different colors but the same pattern. I used my Raspberry Tart DSP. I saw this design over on Di's blog and just had to try it. Hers is way better though! lol Normally at this point in the show I would say lo long and show a cute kid pic but this time I'm going to show a few pics of my very handsome nephew. He is actually making this guitar himself. I cherish these photos since it will be a really long time before I get to see him again. I miss him terribly.