Jul 27, 2008

Been MIA but still busy!

So I have been gone for quite some time now! I won't put you to sleep with all the deets. I'll just break it down simple like.
No money
Almost foreclosed on
The good news is now I have my own little scrap space! The master bedroom in our apartment has two closets and one is a fairly large walk-in. As soon as we saw it the hubs asked if I wanted it for a craft room. I thought he was joking but when we moved in he asked what color paint I wanted! I'm so stoked! I haven't done too much yet since I'm still trying to get things organized. (I think we all know how long THAT can take! lol) My good friend Marilyn is going to come over to try and whip me into shape. She also just moved and got her scrap space all set up in a matter of hours so I'm hoping she can help!
Anyway, I have made quite a few cards. Here's a little looky at 'em.
Christmas in July!
This was for a AMR challenge

Stars and Stripes?

Another AMR challenge

Birthday card for our nephew
Annv. card for a friend

Birthday card for my FIL.

He says he's not turning 61, he's upgrading to "version 6.1". lol

Birthday card for my father.

Just a card to have around 'just in case'.

I'm proud of myself for this one. I cut that flower out with a craft knife. Love it!

Oh and isn't this just the cutest kidlet ever!

This was at a baseball game during the National Anthem.

He's sure an American child! Hmmm great LO idea!


tigardlilly said...

Wow, you have been busy! Glad your "back"

Marilyn said...

Busy girl! Those cards are so awesome. You always do a great job. I will come over next Saturday, and we will get your scraproom all set up! I was thrilled to see you posted!! Of the 21 blogs that were updated on my reader, yours was the first I had to look at. Kidlet is still so adorable!!

angie worthington said...

great cards!!!..glad to see you back in the blog world and at AMR...

Scrappy Girl said...

I admit it...I had given up on you coming back...I had deleted you from my faves...saw your comment on Marilyn's blog...took a chance.

Glad you are back. Sorry you have been having so much yucky trouble. Wow! That is alot to deal with.

Love ALL your creations. You are very lucky to have Marilyn help you organize. I am going to have to send her a plane ticket when I get my schoolhouse/scraproom completed.

Marfa said...

Your son is SO cute. I love making cards, too...

Dettao said...

Your cards are great. LOVE that last one. Awesome. Please do play along on my color challenge. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.